Gynecologists are doctors who specialize in women’s health, with a focus on the female reproductive system. It is essential to choose the right doctor because we trust them with our most intimate medical problems such as pregnancy, missed periods, etc. Many gynaecologists are also obstetricians who deal with pregnancy and delivery.

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Every female needs to see a gynaecologist to sustain good health. As reproductive organs mature during puberty, a regular gynaecological evaluation is a must.

There are lots of reasons to see a gynecologist. Most importantly, your health and lifestyle can be enhanced by regular visits. At Belief Hospitals, we can help to ensure you are living your best life. Make sure you are asking your gynecologist the right questions before your next appointment.

Here are the top reasons for a woman to make an appointment to see a gynaecologist today :

Normal Delivery

Birth control : Sexually active females need to be advised about birth control and the need to prevent various diseases such as herpes, HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis etc, and unwanted pregnancies.

Preventive care : Every woman needs to be counselled regarding healthy lifestyle practices to maintain good health during puberty, pregnancy and old age to prevent various diseases and cancers affecting each age group.

Clinical breast examination : Although monthly self-examination of breasts are advised, a regular check-up from a trained professional can help identify what is unknown.

Pelvic Exam : Having a yearly pelvic exam can help detect unusual growths or other changes that may have developed, along with testing for sexually transmitted infection (STI). Women with issues such as abnormal discharge, menstrual disorders or perimenopause should definitely be seen annually.

Vaccination : Annually, a visit to the gynaecologist is recommended for getting the vaccination shots. HPV vaccinations reduce the risk of certain cancers such as cervical, vulvar, oral, vaginal and anal cancers. And other regular vaccinations such as flu-shots prevent influenza viral illnesses.

Sexual health : Perhaps a gynaecologist is the only professional a female can freely discuss the issues pertaining to her sexual life and well-being. Hence periodic follow-up with a gynecologist will help establish a rapport to discuss awkward yet vital aspects of sexual health and seek immediate remedy.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle : An irregular period can be a sign of a larger health problem. Therefore, it’s important that you see our gynecologist to obtain an exam. Let us know whether your cycle has become longer or shorter, if bleeding is heavier, cramping has become painful or any other differences of note.

To learn more about our gynecologist services or to schedule an appointment, please call us anytime at +91 70322 63939.

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